Bride: sleeves, sleeves, sleeves

I am so in love with a long sleeved wedding dress. I don't mean the poofy,
overly bedazzled wedding gown of the 80's that you think I mean either.
No, I am talking about simple, elegant, sophisticated, soft, flowing sleeves.  

Not these 80's sleeves:

BUT the utmost lovely sleeved dress I've ever seen:

This dress is stunning - I love love love. I first saw it here and after viewing the
whole collection of Delphine Manivet, I found this adorably sweet dress...

 I love the simplicity of thie Melissa Sweet dress.

My two faves from Ian Stuart:

Love the addition of the jacket: versatile, practical, to be worn again.

So lady-like. You could dance on clouds all night in this one.


Grooms: Tie Clips+Vests

I love me a man in a vest or even better, one who wears a tie clip. This is a discussion I've had with my bestie for quite some time now. I was going to post looks for the groom sometime next week, but when my friend emailed me some pics of a groom in a tie clip today, I thought I better do it now.

Before I get to real grooms sporting the gear, here is a look at the lovely selection at JCrew:

The Vest

The Tie Clip <3

Now, for real grooms with style:

Thanks Jen for sending me this, found here


Feed and Flour Sacks

The other day, I was talking with my boyfriend's mom about sewing projects and she pulled out an apron that her friend made for her out of an old flour sack. I started thinking that there are probably a ton of ways to re-use an old flour/feed sack. I did some searching and found some great ideas:

These bags look so soft and worn in AND I think these (above right) "flours" are darling. Both can be found here, where all material used is recycled or resused. There is also a tutorial on how to transform your flour sack into an apron!

If you're feeling really adventurous, try upholstering a chair with a feed sack ~ found here.

Or for those who want something a bit simpler might be inspired by these pillows found on Etsy


Green Cube

We are all too familiar with buzz words like eco-friendly, green, organic and sustainable. It can become obnoxious and too in your face at times, but how can you ignore it? I am always looking for great buys that are beneficial in more ways than one. So, if you can be "green" and beautiful, then that is a good buy! Months ago, I was browsing the shops in Laguna Beach and came across Green Cube on Forest Avenue. I instantly became a big fan of this store and the way they are creative and innovative and still environmentally responsible. I think the most important part about designing "green" is really re-examining the way we use things and finding the best way to mazimize the use or funtion of the product and doing so in an aesthetically pleasing way.

For instance, these sky planters that use 80% less water and will turn your world upside down.


Due to their low maintenance and their ease to survive just about anywhere, succulents have become quite the trend. I love the way they made the store wall a "living wall" and incorporated the store's logo. This whole vignette makes for a great indoor-outdoor transition space.

 I think I need this "living moss bathroom rug." Oh, what a great idea this is! Just imagine, stepping out of the tub onto this soft and squishy mat - It would be like running through the lawn sprinklers when you were a child. The best part is that you are watering the moss just by using it for its purpose.  

 Green Cube has a great selection of eco-friendly, furniture, art, clothing and even shoes. I haven't been able to find a website but they do have a facebook page if you want to see some more.