Bride: sleeves, sleeves, sleeves

I am so in love with a long sleeved wedding dress. I don't mean the poofy,
overly bedazzled wedding gown of the 80's that you think I mean either.
No, I am talking about simple, elegant, sophisticated, soft, flowing sleeves.  

Not these 80's sleeves:

BUT the utmost lovely sleeved dress I've ever seen:

This dress is stunning - I love love love. I first saw it here and after viewing the
whole collection of Delphine Manivet, I found this adorably sweet dress...

 I love the simplicity of thie Melissa Sweet dress.

My two faves from Ian Stuart:

Love the addition of the jacket: versatile, practical, to be worn again.

So lady-like. You could dance on clouds all night in this one.