"You Say It's Your Birthday..."

..."It's my birthday too, yeah."
Yes, it is my birthday weekend and all week I've been preparing myself for being a girl (dare I say woman) "in her mid-twenties." Twenty-five might be just a number but it's kind of a wake up call. People in their mid-twenties were always sooo old to me when I was younger. When I think of some of my favorite movies and shows, they usually involved people in their mid-twenties wrestling with life and it's life changing decisions. It's pretty crazy that I've reached that stage in my life. I feel like I just graduated high school.

As much as I wish I could stay young forever, I have to admit, I love birthdays. I love ALL birthdays - mine, yours, stranger's, I just love them. There is nothing like a good celebration and every celebration deserves a cake. That is why I created this flower cake:
So, I didn't make this for myself because that would be just plain weird. I actually made this for a floral design class and I thought it was a great way to say Happy Birthday for those who don't like cake and for those who can't eat cake due to health issues.

I made the cake back in March when ranuculus were at the peak of their season. I love all the colors that ranuculus come in so I decided to use as many as I can but I do think a monochromatic cake would be much more dramatic. I wrapped the floral foam with ti leaves, used corsage pins to act as the frosted pearls on a traditional cake and of course, set it all on a cake stand.

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