Cal-Earth - The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture is teaching those who are willing to learn, how to create homes that are made from the earth, imitate nature and are nearly Mother Nature proof. The goal is to teach people how to make these inexpensive and sustainable structures so that they can go around the world sharing their knowledge and helping those in need. The structures are made from sandbags and barbed wire, which they have named "Superadobe." The design and shape of the structure came from observing nature (think shells and bee hives), as well as, techniques from the great builders of out past (domes, vaults, etc.). The domes have been built to withstand the impact of heavy snow, flooding, extreme heat and other treachorous conditions that can cause homelessness.

There are a few different dome designs that are taught by CalEarth. Some serve as emergency shelters/villages and some as homes. The domes are quite beautiful inside and the exteriors are so unique, especially when you realize that neither wood nor nails were involved. The organic shapes of the dome automatically creates a sense of warmth and comfort, as you would hope a home would provide.

Being able to use plentiful and local materials to create structures that can save lives is an amazing gift and I hope to see more "kind-Earth" thinking of this sort. I am very eager to go out to CalEarth and explore their domes myself and maybe even take a class. For better pictures and an extensive understanding on all that CalEarth is and does, be sure to visit http://www.calearth.org/.


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