Floridian Trends

Whenever I travel, I try to find out what's happening in the design world in that location. Whether it be to find out what the latest flower trends are for Hawaiian weddings or to see what color palettes are being used in interior design. For the most part, current trends are pretty much the same anywhere you go, but most places seem to have their own personalized trends that are relevant to their location. On my last trip, I had a layover in Florida and picked up a copy of Florida Design. Here are some things that caught my eye:

When I think of Florida, I immediately have visions of blue waters, beautiful sky, palm trees, green marshes, relaxation, and well, alligators. It's no wonder that designers in Florida are not afraid of bold color and choices, given the environmental canvas they have to work with. For example, the above images of designer, Doug Meyer's home, which he personally designed is bold, wild and fun. Now, I know that color this strong is not suited for everyone but I do think that this strong of a design would do very well in hospitality design. The whole room in the top picture would make an awesome lobby for a super hip hotel in Palm Springs or it could be a breath of fresh air for a boutique hotel in the big city. The picture of the seating area above would be so great in a funky hotel cafe or one of the hotel's suites (although, I may eliminate the eyeball pendant light).

I would love to be lounging with Neoteric Home. These outdoor furnishings can be upholstered in one of the many fantastic choices from Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella is a super durable, anti-fade material that is pretty standard in the outdoor furniture world. Definitely a must for the strong Florida sun.

On a more sophisticated level, I fell in love with this amazing chandelier from Terzani. I love the way the chains fall so gracefully and the silver structures takes on a more organic shape rather than a perfectly round and symmetrical shape. This chandelier is so glamorous, it reminds me of a red carpet gown.

...here are some more fabulouse light fixtures in the "Atlantis Collection" from Terzani that lend to the same slightly edgy, luxurious gracefulness that was found floating above that dining room table. All in all, I have to say, Florida has got it goin on.