Guatemala, the Land of Color

From the corn covered hills to the vibrantly painted streets, Guatemala is a beautiful and colorful country. After spending 9 days there, I am glad to be back in the comforts of home. I realized how much I took for granted being able to flush tissue down the toilet, rinse my toothbrush in tap water, have great water pressure and hot water at the same time, use the dishwasher and laundry machines and not have dust everywhere. It wasn't the end of the world not having these amenities but it really does make you appreciate what you have. Guatemala overflows with color, and I LOVE color, so I was in heaven. Many of the women still wear the traditional brightly woven garments and carry just about everything on their head. Almost all store fronts and houses are painted different colors and instantly perk up the town. The markets are full of various weavings and leather goods that can be snagged inexpensively, especially if you know how to bargain.

My girlfriends and I snatched these amazing weekend bags for about $20.00 USD!! I know it's not proper to talk money but this was such a steal, I have to - They are all hand woven and have leather trimmings and small metal trivets on the bottom to keep the bags clean. By far, our best purchase on the trip!