Think Again

When most people hear the word, "carnations," they probably conjure up images of a large, bulky crystal vase filled with babies breath, pastel colored carnations, wild greens and most likely, the words, "tacky" and "cheap," come to mind. As much as I used to think the same thing, I know now, how wonderful and elegant carnations can be. The key to a beautiful arrangement or bouquet of carnations is to have it be just carnations, no other flower types, no greens, no babies breath, just carnations. I do think that you can have mixed colors but it seems to always look best when only one color is used. The best part about using carnations in bulk, is that they are inexpensive and have a full flower head which means, they create more volume for a more dramatic effect and you can still be well within your budget.  

Hopefully some of these examples will replace those negative thoughts with kind words and images... 

via DIY Bride 


  1. I will confess that I always thought carnations were cheap and tacky looking. Never again will I think that of carnations! When grouped together, as you have shown, they look similar to roses...and for a fraction of the price. Fabulous idea!

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