Tree House Livin'

One of my trip highlights was staying at the Earth Lodge, just outside of Antigua. Located at a high elevation, views of volcanoes across the way and the city of Antigua just below are easily spotted. They offer tree houses, tree cabins and dorms to stay in and they all have amazing views. My friends and I opted for the tree cabin since there were three of us, we thought it would be the roomiest.

Our tree cabin was 2 stories, nestled on a steep slope with a wall of windows that looked out to the valley and volcanoes. There was a large tree jetting through the corner of the cabin and a cozy bench against the window for some meditating and reading time. At night, we happened to look out from our beds to the window and actually saw some lava trickling down the volcano. It was an amazing site to see.

The Earth Lode is eco-friendly and is big on community. The lodge is settled amongst avocado groves and small town villages, which they help out as much as possible. All dinners are served family-style, encouraging guests to meet new friends and share stories over their famous meals. The food is truly delicious; I even bought the cookbook because it was so good. The recipes are all vegetarian and use only local ingredients. They offer free lodging and food to those who volunteer at there. There are several games and movies available for anyone to use, free of charge. The Earth Lodge is a beautiful and peaceful place that naturally draws in kind people, making it a lovely visit for everyone.

 We didn't stay or go into the tree house but I snapped a pic of it because I thought it was so awesome. The guests have their own balcony with a hammock, yes, a hammock! The tree house is out on its' own path, providing much privacy and relaxation. You really can't go wrong with any of the accomodations at Earth Lodge but I recommend the Tree Cabin or Tree House! If you're on a tight budget, you can also pitch a tent for a very small fee. Whatever you choose, just make sure you go, even if it's just for a bite to eat and a game of taboo!

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