Breaking News: Anthropologie - Accessories Only - Boutique to Open 10.29.10

With this news, I am having a fantastic, rainy morning! Anthropologie is set to open a boutique store that will only carry their finest jewels, shoes, hats, scarves and belts. Glamour online says, "You'll find antique engagement and wedding rings from Doyle & Doyle, sexy shoes from Chie Mahara, cute and quirky hats by Eugenia Kim, and plenty of pieces designed both exclusively for Anthropologie and by their in-house design team. "We are creating a more intimate experience for our customer," says Wendy Wurtzburger, Co-President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Anthropologie. "It will be the equivalent of going down the rabbit hole and finding a magical world with more of what she loves--tactile and rich--wonderful to shop and ponder."

I am giddy with anticipation for the stores arrival, which unfortunately, will be on the opposite side of the Country. The store will open in Chevy Chase, Maryland, so for all of us West Coast-ers, we will have to wait for the launch of more boutiques. I have a feeling the wait won't be too long!

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