Feature Friday: The Underground

This underground dwelling was built by architect, Byoung Soo Cho in Seoul, Korea. Cho dedicated the appropriately named, Earth House, to Korean poet, Dong-joo Yoon. A strong majority of the home is made of rammed earth that was taken from the building site. As the Dwell article explains, the earth cave explores "Taoist ideas of positive and negative space and the question of just how much (or little) space we need in order to live comfortably." The house is used as a vacation home for Cho and his friends for stargazing and gatherings. I love the concept of this home but I wouldn't want to be in it during treacherous rainfall.

To access the Earth Hosuse, guests must use the stairway that lies flesh with the top soil.  

The courtyard walls are made up of concrete and pine tree slices that were cut down from the building site.
Inspired from a wooden apple crate, the bath is made of cypress wood.

An illuminated night view, looking down into the courtyard.

All images via Dwell.