Feature Friday: The Waikiki EDITION

Marriott International has teamed up with EDITION HOTELS to bring the world highly stylized, one-of-a-kind, hotels. EDITION hotels are unique to their location and said to be unlike any other. No two hotels will look the same but they will all carry the same modern attitude and feel - "Sophisticated public spaces, finishes, design and details will serve the experience, not drive it." The first of the EDITION hotels opened in Waikiki in September 2010.

The Waikiki EDITION strives to have that "home away from home" feel. This look is achieved by adding home touches, such as the rotating bookcase (on left) which, also masks the lobby bar (on right) and creates an element of mystery and adventure.

Enjoy the CLEARLY, modern design at Morimoto restaurant by world renowned chef, Masaharu Morimoto (from Iron Chef) which, offers a contemporary Japanese menu. I am loving the floating, acrylic boxes which seem to be holding drift wood.

The Sunrise Pool is surrounded by lovely, landscaped gardens, has a bar and excellent views of the harbor.

Sunset Beach is the EDITION's very own, private man-made beach. I have to say, I love a REAL beach more than anything, but this one does provide a lagoon, has imported sand from neighboring Hawaiian islands AND a bar.

The guest rooms are crisp and minimal, allowing for the dramatic Hawaiian ocean views to flood through the windows. The EDITION Waikiki also holds "the largest luxury ballroom on Oahu for weddings and special events; an outdoor movie theater under the stars, akin to a drive-in theater without the cars, offering first run movies, video and art installations; EDITION retail shop, and much more."

Several other Edition Hotels are planned to open soon in Instanbul, Mexico City, Barcelona and Bangkok

All images and info from EDITION HOTELS & Marriott


  1. So I take it you didn't visit the Spa?

  2. No visit yet (I wish)! If anyone has been, I would love to hear about it!