Fragrances and Myrhh

Have you ever known anyone who always smelled delicious and whenever you think of them, you think of how good they smelled? It may sound a bit creepy or stalkerish, but I think it's quite lovely. The best is when you come across a scent somewhere else and it reminds you of a certain someone. My biggest problem with finding a signature scent, is that I love too many perfumes to wear just one. I think that perfume should be like any other article of clothing or accessory, you pick it out based on where you are going, how you are feeling, and what the weather is like that day. So, if you're searching for a great perfume, but are too overwhelmed by the hundreds out there, I recommend you try these:

      Aqualina - Pink Sugar                          Moschino -  I Love Love

      Moschino - Couture!                     Viktor and Rolf - Flower Bomb

Those above are my favorite sweet, fun and flirty choices. They are sweet, some like cotton candy and some like cherries. I am sad to say that I couldn't find any department stores that still carry Moschino Couture! but I did find some great deals on Amazon so grab the deals while you still can! I've never really been sure if perfume goes bad or not... does anyone really know? I feel like I've had some perfumes for years and they still smell as good as the day I bought them. My latest favorite is Flower Bomb from Viktor and Rolf. They came up with a very clever purse sized spray bottle that is refillable and perfect for the lady on the go. I carry mine in my purse, and now I don't feel silly bringing a big bottle of perfume with me on my travels. 

If sweet and flirty is not the name of your game, but sophisticated and poised is, then I recommend Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. This scent is mature (but not like an old lady), elegant and classic. I definitley think that this is one fragrance that won't ever be discontiuned. So, if you're looking for a signature scent that won't leave you heart broken in a few years, stick with the always classic, Chanel.
Note: There are several Chanel perfumes out there and the bottles can look quite similar - be sure you grab the one that says, "Mademoiselle" - Trust me, I've made this mistake plenty!