in De Stijl

Some of you might have recognized on the street, in magazines, or in stores, famous paintings or art movements that are being translated into clothing, shoes and accessories. The most prominent style of art I've been seeing in fashion is De Stijl.  De Stijl, meaning, "Style," in Dutch was brought to life around the1920's most famously by artist, Piet Mondrian and architect, Gerrit Rietveld. The movement followed strict rules of using only pure primary colors and horizontal and vertical geometric shapes and lines.

Above Left: Pret-A-Surf 
Above Right: Novemeber 2010 Issue of Marie Claire Magazine

This isn't the first time De Stijl has made its way into the fashion world. In the 1960's, Yves Saint Laurent, made the iconic, Mondrian dress. De Stijl is simple, yet interesting and for this reason, De Stijl will most definitely be popping up in fashion, architecture and design for years to come.

Image above and left: LIFE Magazine


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