The Marriage of Marimekko and Crate & Barrel

As I have said before, when I think of Crate & Barrel, I think of those sweeping colorful Marimekko textiles that drape from every Crate & Barrel ceiling. Marimekko is unmistakably, Crate & Barrel. Since the 60's, the two companies have been working together to bring us joyful printed bedding and linens. As of this week, the accessibility and possibility of Marimekko in your life has just grown tremendously. The lucky SoHo-ians have just scored themselves "a shop in shop" or rather a "Marimekko in Crate & Barrel." This new Marimekko shop encompasses everything from coffee mugs to wallets to fabric by the yard. I hope to see this "shop in a shop" at every Crate & Barrel very soon!

Online availability coming Spring 2011!

All images via Crate & Barrel
All other images via Dwell


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