Nature + Architecture

 Gibson Boathouse

I have always been drawn to architecture that lends itself to its surrounding environment. There is something so mystical and childhood dream-like about the way a structure can blend into nature, making it hard to decipher the differnce between the two. Architect, Robert Oshatz of Robert Harvey Oshatz incorporates many organic shapes in his designs so that the structure is softly introduced into its natural surroundings. Robert Oshatz often plays with large positive and negative shapes, which welcomes nature and light to come into the space. Some of the pictures of Oshatz' work below are from the 80's, which is why you might wonder why the color palettes and decor look a bit out dated. However, the exterior and interior structures remian intriguingly beautiful.  
Wilkinson Residence Exterior

Wilkinson Residence Interior

Miyasaka Residence Exterior

Mt. Crested Butte Residence Exterior

Mt. Crested Butte Residence Interior

Fennell Residence Exterior

Fennell Residence Exterior

Fennell Residence Interior

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