A good design flows throughout an entire space as well as its surrounding space. A constant theme must be repeated in order for the flow to occur. The repetition can be found in color, shapes, textures, light, lines and/or space. This latest issue of Elle Decor had some images of a beautifully designed indoor and outdoor space that carried the outside in. The key to making these two spaces co-exist was to not break up the fluidity of the lines and materials. The outdoor pool is bordered by light colored wood planks that continue around the indoor pool and the use of the blue mosaics in both pools creates unity. The large window panes and high ceilings allow for lots of light to enter the indoor space and uninterupt the outdoor beauty from coming in. I love the fact that there are pieces of "lounge-like" furniture inside to keep that relaxed feeling inside and small touches of palms are scattered throughout the indoor space to bring in some repetition of the palm trees outside.

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