A Tartan Holiday

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but over the weekend I saw the MAC holiday sets (available Nov. 4) and I can't wait for the holiday shopping to begin! My sister worked for MAC for several years and I became hooked on their bronzer and eyeshadows. MAC is known for their very wild, overly dramatic and outlandish application of makeup. However, I find that MAC carries an amazing range of product that suits the most natural makeup wearer, to even the gothic drag queens. Their eyeshadows have very strong and highly pigmented color that easily swipe on your lids without having to apply the shadow a million times over to get your desired color. Put a little dab of their bronzer on before you leave for the day and you'll look like you've just spent a healthy day in the sun. My most favorite part of the MAC year is right about now through Christmas - this is when the holiday kits come out and they put together some beautiful palettes and clad them in fabulous containers and packaging. To this day, my best cosmetic purchase was a brush kit that I bought from MAC about 6 years ago. It included all the essential brushes one could ever need and they are still in great shape. And so, on to this years holiday collection... I present to you, A Tartan Tale Collection:

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