Holiday Gift Ideas: Under $50

For the "crazy" green thumber:

Sky Planters, Starting at $35.00

For the book lover who needs some support:

For the down-to-earth, art collector:
Agave Bowls, Starting at $36.95              Laguna Vase, $44.95

For the vintage lover who protects everything:


Inspired Designs: Cotton Ball Sheep

Cotton ball sheep is a wonderful card company that takes inspiration from childhood crafts (hence, the name) and imagination and turns them into eco-friendly, handmade, original designs. I have personally ordered these cards and can tell you that they are even better in person. The simplicity of the design, the weight of the recycled cardstock (that you just don't get from most store bought cards), and the fun colored envelopes that are paired with each card are sure to make you smile. Cotton ball sheep is perfect for several occassions and can be customized to your request. A bundle of these cards would make a great Christmas or birthday gift and can be ordered on Etsy.


Bad Days.

For Anybody. For Anything.

Birthdays: Make a wish.


Love Notes.


Holiday Gifts Ideas: Under $30

For the music lovin'/admirer of all things handmade:

For the sweet smelling, skin-so-soft lady:
Pink Sugar by Aquolina, $29.00                Set of L'Occitane Hand Creme, $25.00

 For the accessorizer:

Toasty Rose Scarf, $28.00                         Stretchy Metal Scale Belt, $29.90

For the gardener (great hostess gift):

For the sweet indulger:

Peppermint Bark Cookies, $22.50                     Hot Chocolate (Peppermint or Regular), $19.50

For the obsessed baker:


Feature Friday: Tse Yang in The Pearl

Tse Yang is a fine Chinese restaurant that originated in Paris, made a life in New York, and has now ventured to the Middle East, to The Pearl in Doha, Qatar. The Pearl is a very upscale, paradise retreat, located in the Arabian Gulf. The man-made island offers 5 star hotels, vacation homes, high end shopping and restaurants. Tse Yang opened in June 2010 and the design is nothing short of amazing. 

While I wish I could supply images that show the details and exquisiteness of Tse Yang, I had trouble finding photos that did the place justice. Perhaps, the lack of accessibility of images is just part of Tse Yang's elite status. However, if you go to Hospitality Design, you will be taken to a spread of gorgeous images that truly exemplify the beauty of the restaurant. The color red, which is a meaningful color in Chinese culture, is boldly used in the space, creating a sense of majesty and power. "Tse Yang refers to a part of Beijing's Forbidden City, and thus to the World of China's Emperor's (Tse Yang)." The most dramatic piece in the space is an enormous tassel chandelier, also in the color red. The chandelier is made of 9,000 Chinese tassels and it is set in the middle of one of the dining area for ultimate drama. Larger, individual tassels are scattered throughout the space to create unity of the separate spaces.  (Image: Above Right)

The design of Tse Yang may pull from culture and traditional ideas and history but the design is definitely modern. On a panel behind the reception area, and a divider in the main dining area, large cutouts of urns are outlined with a thick black line and back lit with red lights. The design lacks the traditionally intricate Chinese patterns and focuses on a more abstract point of view, taking a fresh look at Chinese culture. The fabulously designed restaurant is the perfect fit for the elitist vacationer.


Comfortably Stepping into Style

Women have suffered for personal fashion/style/image since the beginning of time. From Chinese foot binding to modern day botox, women will do the extreme. While wearing painfully, uncomfortable shoes is not nearly as crazy as pricking your face with needles or binding your feet, it still falls under the category of absurd. Women will complain about the discomort of their shoes, end up with quarter-sized blisters and foot spasms, but it's typically not a thought to throw them out and put on something sensible. Well, good news, shoe designers are FINALLY hearing our cries! Designers like, Aerosoles, Born, and Sofft, are stepping up their comfort and style game and bringing us shoes that are not only comfortable but stylish. I know that they aren't all exactly show stoppers but I definitley think it's a step in the right direction (pun not intended).