Eye Candy

Being a lover of shopping and design, it's no suprise that I love window displays. I love seeing the way designers take a store's product and turn it into larger-than-life, eye candy. High-end design stores have some of the most amazing displays, to where they no longer are just displays of clothes and accessories, but they have become art.

"Summer Heat"
"Hot Air Balloon"

"Green House"

The above images are all Moschino displays. Although simpler than that of Bergdorf Goodman (see below), they are still creative, beautiful and clever. I especially love the "Hot Air Balloon" dresses - truly creative.

As you can see from the images above, Bergdorf Goodman, is unlike any other when it comes to window displays. The images above are all from last winter's displays in New York City. I was fortunate to see them myself while I was there, but all of my pictures have a terrible glare from the camera flash... luckily I found these awesome shots. Bergdorf truly is highly imaginative, whimsical, and dream-like with their window displays. The curtains on Fifth Ave have been drawn, and they currently are working on their 2010 Holiday Display. If you get the chance to visit NYC this winter, be sure to make some time for Bergdorf and savor the amazing result when design and fashion are fused as one.