Feature Friday: Maison Moschino Hotel, Milan

In March came an unexpected and surreal hotel, the Moschino Maison. This hotel is in the heart of Milan and ready to transcend its guest into a different reality. With a greeting like this, "welcome to Maison Moschino, where four stars meet a few clouds- and the occasional teacup table, forest bedpost, and rose petal-covered bedspread," it makes sense that the hotel features themed rooms after classic tales and childhood fantasies.

The imaginative hotel is located in an old neoclassical railway station from the 1840's. From the exterior, the hotel appears to be one of timeless class and prim and proper elegance but once you walk through the door, you are on your way to a whimsical wonderland retreat.

A hotels' first impressions is always made by the lobby and Maison Moschino's lobby does not disappoint. With baa baa sheep and animal shaped clouds, this lobby's welcome begins the first stages of dreaming off right.

Maison Moschino is a playful place where you can come to enjoy the fashion and city of Milan and end your day by escaping to one of the many fantastical rooms to relax and unwind. The hotel maintains a good balance of escaping into dreams, remaining functional and addressing realistic needs.

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