A Juxtaposed View

Juxtaposition Home definitely tops the list of my favorite home stores. With an uninterrupted view of Newport's coastline, settled in a beautifully groomed center with delicious restaurants and other wonderful stores, it is always a treat to visit Juxtaposition Home. From jewelry to books to antiqued nautical goods, the store is inspiring and a breath of fresh design air.

Juxtaposition Home specializes in custom furniture, and when I say custom, I mean it. Lately, I feel like the word "custom" is being thrown around too loosely. I've been sofa shopping the last few weeks, looking for a specific size that will fit my living room. Many stores say they have "custom" sofas, but what they really mean is you can customize your fabric from one of there limited choices and you can choose from two different arm styles. Those are options, not customizations. Juxtaposition does not have any furniture in their stock room. No, they build it from scratch to exactly what measurements and details you ask for. You can choose from their upholstery collection or bring in your own material. True craftsmanship and beauty is the result of Juxtaposition furniture. This kind of quality will most likely cost you much more than what you can find at chain furniture stores, but you get what you pay for.  

At Juxtaposition Home, you will find smart ideas, unusually beautiful items, wonderfully framed collections, and an elegant rustic charm to nautical-beach style. Whether you are in the market for some new home items or ideas, or just want to look at pretty things, Juxtaposition is the perfect spot.

All images from Juxtaposition Home

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