Kitchens: The Gathering Place

One of my favorite places in a home is the kitchen. It's where everyone gathers to talk, laugh, taste, drink and enjoy. There is nothing better than a spacious kitchen with a large island with ample room for seating, slicing, dicing, rolling and sampling. Kitchens today are so amazing from all the clever storage arrangements to the beautiful cabinetry finishes and countertop choices. Even some have a fireplace, like the one pictured on the left. People today are not afraid to break the conventional rules of what belongs in a kitchen and the results are phenomenal.

Above: Kraftmaid
Loving the convenience of these pots and pans sliders and the organization of the lid holders.

Above: Kraftmaid
Tiered silverware and cutlery drawers - genius.

Above: Kraftmaid
The slated cabinet above is perfect for storing and showing off your beautiful plates.
There is nothing worse than having to crawl into the depths of that bottom corner cabinet trying to find that one bowl or that one pan... these swiveling sliders will take that all away.

Above: Kraftmaid
I love my spices and I love this spice drawer - having them all layed neatly in front of you will prevent you from having to reach into the cabinet and pull them out, one by one, reading each label until you find what it is you're looking for.

I am in love with this kitchen! How awesome is that to have a wood fire stove in your kitchen? If only I knew how to make pizza dough from scratch...

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