Comfortably Stepping into Style

Women have suffered for personal fashion/style/image since the beginning of time. From Chinese foot binding to modern day botox, women will do the extreme. While wearing painfully, uncomfortable shoes is not nearly as crazy as pricking your face with needles or binding your feet, it still falls under the category of absurd. Women will complain about the discomort of their shoes, end up with quarter-sized blisters and foot spasms, but it's typically not a thought to throw them out and put on something sensible. Well, good news, shoe designers are FINALLY hearing our cries! Designers like, Aerosoles, Born, and Sofft, are stepping up their comfort and style game and bringing us shoes that are not only comfortable but stylish. I know that they aren't all exactly show stoppers but I definitley think it's a step in the right direction (pun not intended).