Adorned with Jewels

For this New Year's Eve party, spruce yourself up with some over sized, extra sparkly, jewels. I have had access to some old relatives jewelry for quite some time now, and although I always loved the jewelry, I never really thought it was wearable. For one, pierced ears were not always that common, so all of the earrings are clips ons. Even though the clips ons brought endless fun when playing dress up as a child, as an adult, clip ons are pretty painful. There are several things that I admire about my relatives jewelry collection... I love that there are complete coordinating sets of brooches, necklaces, and earrings. Despite the fact that I never really like to be too matchy-matchy, there is something regal and sophisticated about having complete, matching sets of any item. I also love the weight of the jewelry, the items feel solid and nicely made. However, this weight is also what makes your ears quickly hurt when wearing those clip ons.

These jewels are perfect for any party - holiday or not. If you feel like adding some extra femininity to your wardrobe, mix in some of these jewels with an everyday t-shirt and jean jacket. Even though I love the complete set, if you are going casual, it's best to only wear the brooch, or just the earrings, not both.

If you love the look of these vintage brooches, earrings, and necklaces, but do not have relatives that have passed them on to you, you are in luck! Several stores have items very similar to these - some are even clip ons! Check out Bloomingdale's, Kate Spade, and Macy's for some reasonably priced items of similar style.

Maybe your New Year resolution should be to combine extra fancy items with everyday clothes, so you feel extra fabulous, everyday!