Feature Friday: Swanson Sip Shoppe {A Candy Store for Adults}

The Swanson Sip Shoppe is playful, imaginative, and nothing that you would expect to find while wine tasting. Also known as the candy store for adults, the Sip Shoppe has cirque and Parisian influences that will make you feel like skipping. Sometimes wine tasting can be intimidating- especially when you are in a cellar surrounded by people who are closely examining the notes, aromas and legs of their wine -  at Sip Shoppe you can leave your pretentious notions (and wine journals) at home and thoroughly enjoy your tasting experience. 

Andy Spade, husband of Kate Spade and brother to David Spade, joined together with Swanson Vineyards to create a line of wine that is modern and great for gift giving (see photos below). Due to the simplicity of the layout of the Sip Shoppe, the design is modern and sophisticated but has the feel of a fun, free-wheelin', place to laugh with friends and not take yourself too seriously.

Modern House wines, designed along with Andy Spade, are fabulous for those who don't know exactly what to say - you can never fail saying it with wine. These make great gifts for hostesses, friends, family, etc.

In keeping with the child-like design, the wine is served in glass Dixie Cups.

Chocolates! A good winery should always have chocolate on hand - Swanson Vineyards sure does and they even serve theirs with a twist. They offer specially made bonbons that have a surprise for your buds - fennel and curry. The Clarke's Bark is a toffee, sea salt, dark chocolate bar that is just waiting to be enjoyed along with your reds.
Caviar may be viewed as a fancy shmancy appetizer but at the Sip Shoppe, they bring it to a level that everyone can feel comfortable with. Caviar is placed on top of a potato chip so no one is left intimidated by those tiny little eggs (however, some may still resist).