Pools to Dive For

(Notice pool entrance from your room)

(Notice built in in-pool loungers)


  1. i've totally been to ocean dome and used to live about 45 minutes away from it! it's very gimmicky and a waste of space. why create an artificial ocean right next to the ocean?!? i would probably be more of a fan if they let you surf the wave pool but instead i found myself bodyboarding around little kids.

    the world's largest pool in chile looks pretty wild!

  2. Ya, pretty weird that they put a fake ocean next to a real one - but hey, it's Japan... so, why not?

  3. Traditional above ground pools such as Excalibur's Sea Wind, Palm Bay, Glenridge, Regency and Sandstone models can usually be installed by 2-3 people in only a few hours.water beads