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EcoSmart Fire  has taken fireplaces to a world of infinite design possibilities. I am sure you can deduct from its name that EcoSmart Fire is environmentally friendly. The fire is fuelled by bio ethanol, a clean burning fuel. EcoSmart Fireplaces can be used to bring an existing, non-working fireplace to life or it can open up the opportunity to have a fireplace in a place you may not have imagined before (perhaps next to the tub, on a bookshelf, or in the wetbar).

"EcoSmart Fireplaces do not need a chimney or a flue - and because our fireplaces house the liquid bio ethanol in a purpose built tank, there are no restrictive cables or gas connections. This means that a EcoSmart fireplace can be installed just about anywhere" (via).     

EcoSmart Fireplaces come in a variety of ways - you can purchase just the burners, fireplace inserts, the grates, outdoor fireplaces or designer fireplaces. It would be so fun to design your own firelplace - I wonder if you could make a "fire wall" and stick the burners vertically into wall cutouts... sounds perfect for Vegas!


All Images: EcoSmart Fire

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  1. Looking at fireplaces in December is such a guilty pleasure of mine. These look sooo cozy and yet so sleek. And ethanol is eco-friendly ofcourse.