Feature Friday: The Waikiki EDITION

Marriott International has teamed up with EDITION HOTELS to bring the world highly stylized, one-of-a-kind, hotels. EDITION hotels are unique to their location and said to be unlike any other. No two hotels will look the same but they will all carry the same modern attitude and feel - "Sophisticated public spaces, finishes, design and details will serve the experience, not drive it." The first of the EDITION hotels opened in Waikiki in September 2010.

The Waikiki EDITION strives to have that "home away from home" feel. This look is achieved by adding home touches, such as the rotating bookcase (on left) which, also masks the lobby bar (on right) and creates an element of mystery and adventure.

Enjoy the CLEARLY, modern design at Morimoto restaurant by world renowned chef, Masaharu Morimoto (from Iron Chef) which, offers a contemporary Japanese menu. I am loving the floating, acrylic boxes which seem to be holding drift wood.

The Sunrise Pool is surrounded by lovely, landscaped gardens, has a bar and excellent views of the harbor.

Sunset Beach is the EDITION's very own, private man-made beach. I have to say, I love a REAL beach more than anything, but this one does provide a lagoon, has imported sand from neighboring Hawaiian islands AND a bar.

The guest rooms are crisp and minimal, allowing for the dramatic Hawaiian ocean views to flood through the windows. The EDITION Waikiki also holds "the largest luxury ballroom on Oahu for weddings and special events; an outdoor movie theater under the stars, akin to a drive-in theater without the cars, offering first run movies, video and art installations; EDITION retail shop, and much more."

Several other Edition Hotels are planned to open soon in Instanbul, Mexico City, Barcelona and Bangkok

All images and info from EDITION HOTELS & Marriott


A breathtaking view...

via Elle Decor

I just had to share this amazing bathroom with everyone. How awesome is that floor to ceiling window? The white floor and cabinetry was a perfect color choice to emphasize the view and the heavily mirrored room allows for the amazing view to be seen from all angles. Now, if only I had a view like that, I could have a bathroom like this.



Several months ago, I was in Los Angeles with a friend who was telling me about a Jesuit priest who in the late 80's, had built a close relationship with rival gang members in the roughest parts of the LA area. Eventually, the community grew to respect the priest and he started Homeboy Bakery. The bakery was a place where troubled males could learn work skills, learn alternatives to the street life, and most importantly, learn work side by side with their rival gang members. The Homeboy Bakery brought many success stories and over time, Homegirl Cafe opened. Homegirl Cafe provides the same services as the Bakery does but to troubled females.
After hearing this story, I was amazed how one man could bring so much peace to such a violent and hateful community. I still have not had the pleasure of tasting the Homeboy/Homegirl eats but I was excited to see the Homegirl Cafe featured in the November 2010 issue of Susent Magazine. The Homegirl Cafe offers public and private cooking classes (making tamales in late November!), catering services, and has a garden, which provides the freshest ingredients to the Cafe. For a menu and more information on this awesome organization that was started by Fr. Greg Boyle, check out Homeboy Industries.


Take Me There...

Santorini, Greece

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A Tartan Holiday

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but over the weekend I saw the MAC holiday sets (available Nov. 4) and I can't wait for the holiday shopping to begin! My sister worked for MAC for several years and I became hooked on their bronzer and eyeshadows. MAC is known for their very wild, overly dramatic and outlandish application of makeup. However, I find that MAC carries an amazing range of product that suits the most natural makeup wearer, to even the gothic drag queens. Their eyeshadows have very strong and highly pigmented color that easily swipe on your lids without having to apply the shadow a million times over to get your desired color. Put a little dab of their bronzer on before you leave for the day and you'll look like you've just spent a healthy day in the sun. My most favorite part of the MAC year is right about now through Christmas - this is when the holiday kits come out and they put together some beautiful palettes and clad them in fabulous containers and packaging. To this day, my best cosmetic purchase was a brush kit that I bought from MAC about 6 years ago. It included all the essential brushes one could ever need and they are still in great shape. And so, on to this years holiday collection... I present to you, A Tartan Tale Collection:


Love in the Trunk

Over the weekend I took a stroll through Restoration Hardware with my mom and we stumbled across the most amazing piece of furniture we had ever seen. A larger than life, leather trunk that disguised a secretary desk. We both couldn't get over how genius the idea was. It was on casters, actually opened, closed and latched, AND was completely functional. The trunk is perfect for those who are tight on space... and for those who just simply love trunks and leather.

My mom and I got to thinking of how adorable it would be to customize a trunk like this and model it after those vintage Barbie cases for a little girls room. Maybe if there is ever a Restoration Kids line, they'll buy this idea off of me! 

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Thank You

I would like to send a special thank you to Desire to Inspire for featuring Love.Inspire.Create on their "Blogs to read guide" list!


The Marriage of Marimekko and Crate & Barrel

As I have said before, when I think of Crate & Barrel, I think of those sweeping colorful Marimekko textiles that drape from every Crate & Barrel ceiling. Marimekko is unmistakably, Crate & Barrel. Since the 60's, the two companies have been working together to bring us joyful printed bedding and linens. As of this week, the accessibility and possibility of Marimekko in your life has just grown tremendously. The lucky SoHo-ians have just scored themselves "a shop in shop" or rather a "Marimekko in Crate & Barrel." This new Marimekko shop encompasses everything from coffee mugs to wallets to fabric by the yard. I hope to see this "shop in a shop" at every Crate & Barrel very soon!

Online availability coming Spring 2011!

All images via Crate & Barrel
All other images via Dwell

Feature Friday: The Underground

This underground dwelling was built by architect, Byoung Soo Cho in Seoul, Korea. Cho dedicated the appropriately named, Earth House, to Korean poet, Dong-joo Yoon. A strong majority of the home is made of rammed earth that was taken from the building site. As the Dwell article explains, the earth cave explores "Taoist ideas of positive and negative space and the question of just how much (or little) space we need in order to live comfortably." The house is used as a vacation home for Cho and his friends for stargazing and gatherings. I love the concept of this home but I wouldn't want to be in it during treacherous rainfall.

To access the Earth Hosuse, guests must use the stairway that lies flesh with the top soil.  

The courtyard walls are made up of concrete and pine tree slices that were cut down from the building site.
Inspired from a wooden apple crate, the bath is made of cypress wood.

An illuminated night view, looking down into the courtyard.

All images via Dwell.


Doyle & Doyle {Bling, Bling}

The other day, when I was posting about the new Anthropologie accessories-only boutique, I learned about Doyle and Doyle. I don't believe I've ever seen such stunning engagement rings - shiny... sparkly... fancy enough to be a wedding ring... but not the cookie-cutter diamond that you usually see. I fell in love with the diamond and emerald mix. If Dorothy from Wizard of Oz got married, this would definitely be her ring.