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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! by loveinspirecreate.

I'm off to the Grand Canyon! I'll be back after the New Year and I'll be sure to share trip highlights. I hope you all have a very safe and festive New Year's Eve! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Your Guide to Gift Wrap

4 Days left until Christmas! If you are like most people, you probably have a few gifts left to buy and have not even begun wrapping the gifts you do have. Wrapping gifts is a great way to make your gift look and feel extra special. Even if what you are giving is something inexpensive or small, there is nothing better than receiving a beautifully wrapped package. Specialty papers, gorgeous ribbons and embellishments are small little items you can buy to really make your gift spectacular.
If you do not have the time to wrap a spectacular package, don't fret! Crate and Barrel sells some fabulous Marimekko wrapping papers which are a sure bet to make a gift look great. Marimekko papers are great because they are modern prints that can add some unexpected fun to the usual Christmas tree patterns. Add a satin ribbon to the wrapped package and you are ready to give! 

Bohemia 2 "Bliss" Make a Wish & Friends Brocade Red Scrapbooking Paper
One of the most creative ways to wrap is to look around your house for items. This year, I had some scrapbooking papers lying around (some Christmas, some not) and decided to wrap with them. I was so happy with the way they turned out - the thickness of the paper created such a nice weight to the box I was wrapping and made it easy to get crisp folds. If you don't have scrapbooking paper, then look at other craft or computer papers that might work. I still love it when I see gifts wrapped with newspaper. 
Holiday Typography Gift Bags
The Paper Source is a great place to look for wrapping supplies. They have all the items you need to craft up something fabulous on your own OR they have pre-printed bags and gift boxes in adorable prints for you to use. I especially love the jolly-ness of the print on the bags above.

Small Square Craft Box & Craft Bags
For those who wish to get creative, my favorite base to start with is a good old fashion paper bag or cardboard box. Again, Paper Source has these for purchase but many retail stores hand them out for free with your purchases. The plain bags and boxes are the perfect blank canvas for gorgeous ribbons or sparkly alphabet letters for you to spell with.

 Bakers Twine & Sweater Duct Tape
Bakers twine is such a classic pair to the plain cardboard box. Just add a sprig of Christmas pine or holly to the package and you have a simple yet classic package. This duo is also a great pairing for giving baked goods! I recently came across the Sweater duct tape and I LOVE it! I imagine the square craft box with repeating stripes of sweater running clear across the box. What a treat to receive a box wrapped with sweater duct tape!
Anthropologie sells a printed packing tape which would be great for wrapping, sealing or cutting apart to make gift labels. You could also use the tape to write sayings or even a Christmas song.

This self-inking stamp is a cute way to seal your holiday envelopes filled with gift cards or Christmas cards and letters. The stamp leaves blank spaces and boxes for you to personalize and check who is naughty and nice.

As we get closer to Christmas, ornaments tend to go on sale. This is a great opportunity to purchase a few inexpensive ones to embellish your gifts with. Once your gift is all wrapped, attach an initial or two to the package or an ornament of the person's favorite animal or subject.

Personal Embosser with Stand from Williams Sonoma
For the serious gifter, baker or crafter, I would highly recommend the purchase of a personal embosser. This fancy little tool will make your gifts look seriously professional and it will make your life easy and fun. I mean, who wouldn't want a fun tool like that to use?


Feature Friday: Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand

The Deluxe Pavilions

How would you like to stay in a  gorgeous villa, tucked between coconut groves and tropical gardens, with the utmost luxury and service at hand? The Rayavadee is a stunning hotel which sits on the edge of Krabi's National Marine Park on the Phranang Peninsula in Thailand. 800 kilometers south of Bangkok and with the Andaman coast at arm's reach, you are guaranteed to forget your worries and thoroughly enjoy your stay. 

The Phranang Peninsula 

Rayvadee is a 5-star resort and consists of 98 two-story pavilions, 4 luxurious private villas, which are tucked in and across 26 acres of coconut groves and tropical gardens, and is bordered by three beaches. Rayvadee has award-winning architecture, which pays homage to architecture that one might find in a quaint Thai village. 

Family Pavilion - Exterior 

Family Pavilion - Living Room

 Family Pavilion -Hydro Pool

 Deluxe Pavilion Bedroom

Deluxe Pavilion Living Room

 Spa Pavilion

 Phranang Villa 404 - Exterior

 Phranang Villa 404  - Living Room

Phranang Villa 401 - Exterior

 The Rayavee Villa - Exterior 

 Rayavee Villa  - Mastersuite
Rayavadee Villa - Bathroom Suite

 Raya Dining
Rayavadee's restaurants are designed and decorated with strong Thai influences, from land and sea. The columns are clad in detailed carvings of coral reefs and sea creatures, while a soft and warm color palette creates a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere. 

 Raya Dining

Railtailay Terrace

 The Siamese Junk

 Snorkel and Mangrove Forest Excursion
Rayavadee provides their guest with the opportunity of day excursions to deserted beaches, rock climbing, speedboat rides to neighboring islands or elephant riding through the Krabi landscape. Less adventurous guest can enjoy nature hikes or a lesson in Thai cooking.

 Rayavadee Spa
The Rayavadee Spa is a full service spa, specializing in ancient Thai healing traditions and philosophy of well-being that combines body, mind and spirit to create treatments that impart a deeply felt sense of relaxation in luxurious private surrounding. 




All Images: Rayavadee