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Ban.do has a wide range of adorable to beautiful accessories for your hair, shoes and clothes. These bows and flowers should be essential to every girly-girl's wardrobe. The accessories are perfect for everyday, weddings and other special events This year, whether you have a valentine or not, treat yourself to a happy, shiny heart for your hair or a sparkly bow for your shoes. If being a girly-girl isn't your thing, then send one as a valentine to a friend... but hey, maybe that extra gleam in your hair just might catch the eye of your new valentine - just think about it!

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Feature Friday: 19th Century Chapel turned Home

A 19th Century Baptist Chapel sat vacant for 30 years until an adventurous couple purchased the place. With unknown intentions of what to do with it, the couple searched for architects who were not only up for the challenge but also well equipped with the imagination to make it happen. One year later, they settled on architects, Alan Organschi and Lisa Gray to make this once public sanctuary, their very own sanctuary. The architects decided to leave the exterior as it was and find a way to connect the interior  in a modern and functional way.

The one exterior architectural element that they played with was the front door. The original door of the chapel was unknown so they replicated a white-cedar door that architect had once seen in Japan. As described in Dwell, "its undulating waves tease and invite, telegraphing the idea that a different story is being told within."

The highly textured cedar door is seen from the entry hallway, where the couple displays their art collection like they are gallery walls.

The living room has some very interesting furniture pieces and decor: the coffee table is made from several street signs, the IKEA sofa is on loan from their son until they find a better solution, some of the art work in the house is extremely valuable while others are worth pennies, there is a grand Venetian glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and yet it somehow all works.

The fireplace crackles where the altar once stood.  The mantle displays the couple's eclectic taste -  
"Neapolitan bamboo is the backdrop for a Warhol collage of Marilyn Monroe, an inexpensive papier-mâché sculpture, a Vigliaturo glass piece from the gallery in Venice where the chandelier and bamboo canes came from, and a Picasso plate."

The architects clearly captured the couples interest in simple loft spaces. The incredible pod hovering above the kitchen and the openness of the living room, definitely creates that loft feel. Beautiful glass Deco screens frame the kitchen space, adding just the right amount of funk to an otherwise plain space. The kitchen - a very special area for the wife, a professional chef - is still incomplete. They plan on taking their time designing such an important space.

The master bedroom and bath are located in the pod above the kitchen. These private areas are designed to feel like a retreat at sea. The couple came from a much larger home full of kids who are now moved out, so they are very happy to have such a cozy loft-like space to nestle into.
This chapel-turned-home definitely has some unexpected and wild design features (some which I like, others I don't). I must say, I love the19th Century structure and grassy lawn. In fact, I think I would consider making the back of the house the front.

Images: Dwell


Psst... Anthro Wedding {BHLDN} unveils Feb. 14

Film Inspired Wedding: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is full of bright colors, unusual characters, and strange and bizarre happenings. It is the perfect inspirational film for a whimsical and color-loving couple. There are so many clips throughout the film (Disney's 50's version) that you can pull from for inspiration. I have chosen a few that would bring the curious attitude of Alice and yet leave some room for sophistication and class. The setting for an Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding would be in a gorgeous blooming garden, with lots of open green areas. The bride would wear a dress that slightly resembles the dress Alice wears in the movie, but definitely not blue and no apron. Although we never see what Alice's girlfriends would be wearing in Wonderland, I suspect that their outfits would be cheerful and brilliant. I selected several different bridesmaids dresses that I imagine each girl to be wearing. For the reception, the decor would be an eclectic mix of bizarre furnishings, mix-n-match china and tea sets, and beautiful batches of flowers (perhaps bunches of flowers hanging down from the ceiling). The guests could play croquet and playing cards would subtly be incorporated into the seating chart or favors.



DIY: HeartFELT Crafts

I recently wrote an article on WeddingAces on how to incorporate felt in to your wedding and now I can't keep felt off my mind. With Valentine's Day approaching, I was trying to think of fun (and easy) crafts that we can all get started on. I found this great tutorial on how to make felt heart pins on the PurlBee. These small little hearts are adorable... oh, I love Valentine's Day!

I can think of so many ways to put this DIY to use...

1. Give them to all the people who you love.

2. Use them at your wedding as a seating chart - ie: Make a board with all of your guests names with a space above each for the heart. Your guests can take the heart with them and even wear it the rest of the night.

3. Follow the tutorial but make your template heart extra large - your heart will be a pillow!

4. Follow the tutorial but instead of felt, use a pretty cotton fabric and insert lavender for the stuffing - Place the lavender scented hearts in your drawers or give them away at your bridal shower.

5. Make artwork with several small hearts juxtaposed on a board and hang them in your house, a little girl's room or around your wedding site.

6. Use them as boutonniere.

7. Pin one to the ribbon on the bridemaids/bride's bouquet.

8. String a bunch of the hearts onto fishing wire and hang rows of them vertically or horizontally.

These DIY felt heart barrettes can also be found here.

The great thing about projects like this are that they can spark so many new ideas. What would you do with this fun craft?

Sources: PurlBee