Boutonniere, A Tradition of the Past?

Boutonniere date back to the 16th Century and still are the main accent to a man’s formal attire. Today, boutonniere are typically only worn by men at weddings. The once traditional rose with a sprig of babies breath has evolved with today’s funky DIY (or somebody else do it) style.

 The options for boutonniere are as wide as the options for anything else in your wedding plans… endless. Boutonniere are breaking their traditional ties and reaching out to hip and trendy flowers such as succulents, craspedia (aka billy balls), ranuculus, berries, seeds and pods. Some bride’s and groom’s are really branching out, and are leaving fresh flowers behind. Boutonniere are being crafted out of fabric flowers, paper, feathers, sea shells, buttons and pins.

As with most details in your wedding, there are no real rules to what you can and cannot do with your boutonniere. While some men may not be so keen on wearing a flower on their chest, the reality is that boutonniere have been around far too long for them to be out of style. Although, their style is expanding and evolving, they are not leaving town. So, for those who may think it is silly for a man to wear a flower, start racking your brain for something that suits your wedding and the groom’s style better. You no longer are tied down to just roses, so get inspired and get creative!
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Image Sources: Fabric Boutonniere, Polka Dot Boutonniere, Seashell Boutonniere

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