DIY: HeartFELT Crafts

I recently wrote an article on WeddingAces on how to incorporate felt in to your wedding and now I can't keep felt off my mind. With Valentine's Day approaching, I was trying to think of fun (and easy) crafts that we can all get started on. I found this great tutorial on how to make felt heart pins on the PurlBee. These small little hearts are adorable... oh, I love Valentine's Day!

I can think of so many ways to put this DIY to use...

1. Give them to all the people who you love.

2. Use them at your wedding as a seating chart - ie: Make a board with all of your guests names with a space above each for the heart. Your guests can take the heart with them and even wear it the rest of the night.

3. Follow the tutorial but make your template heart extra large - your heart will be a pillow!

4. Follow the tutorial but instead of felt, use a pretty cotton fabric and insert lavender for the stuffing - Place the lavender scented hearts in your drawers or give them away at your bridal shower.

5. Make artwork with several small hearts juxtaposed on a board and hang them in your house, a little girl's room or around your wedding site.

6. Use them as boutonniere.

7. Pin one to the ribbon on the bridemaids/bride's bouquet.

8. String a bunch of the hearts onto fishing wire and hang rows of them vertically or horizontally.

These DIY felt heart barrettes can also be found here.

The great thing about projects like this are that they can spark so many new ideas. What would you do with this fun craft?

Sources: PurlBee