Film Inspired Wedding: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is full of bright colors, unusual characters, and strange and bizarre happenings. It is the perfect inspirational film for a whimsical and color-loving couple. There are so many clips throughout the film (Disney's 50's version) that you can pull from for inspiration. I have chosen a few that would bring the curious attitude of Alice and yet leave some room for sophistication and class. The setting for an Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding would be in a gorgeous blooming garden, with lots of open green areas. The bride would wear a dress that slightly resembles the dress Alice wears in the movie, but definitely not blue and no apron. Although we never see what Alice's girlfriends would be wearing in Wonderland, I suspect that their outfits would be cheerful and brilliant. I selected several different bridesmaids dresses that I imagine each girl to be wearing. For the reception, the decor would be an eclectic mix of bizarre furnishings, mix-n-match china and tea sets, and beautiful batches of flowers (perhaps bunches of flowers hanging down from the ceiling). The guests could play croquet and playing cards would subtly be incorporated into the seating chart or favors.