Starbucks Has A NEW Logo (GASP!)

Starbucks is moving into 2011 with a new logo. The 40 year old company is celebrating their past and redefining their future. To Starbucks fanatics, it is a huge shock to see our favorite iconic logo change. The text is no longer in existence and the siren has become the entire focus. However, the new logo is still very recognizably Starbucks. The siren, the green, the white, are still there as a comfort to all of us. The new logo is upsetting to some while others are happy to see the change. It really is not too much of a surprise that Starbucks is changing things up, as they seem to remodel their stores quite often. The style updates to their stores is in keeping with their motto of making the store feel like a third home. The furnishings, wall and cabinetry finishes and materials are always evolving with current trends. The new logo will take some getting used to but as long as the beverages are delicious, I don't mind!

All Images: Starbucks Blog


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