31 Bits {of Love}

Ollie Twist

Ever heard of 31 Bits? If you have you'll know how awesome it is and if not, let me tell you a bit about it... 

 A few of the 31 Bits Designers

In 2008, four friends began buying jewelry from 6 displaced women in Uganda, selling it at home and then sending the money back to those 6 women. Their inspiring efforts caught wind and now they are purchasing from 63 women on a monthly basis. Their vision has evolved and the girls are not only providing these Ugandan women a job and a sense of self-worth, but they provide them with a program that gives them a community group for mental and emotional health, teaches them English, finance, AIDS and health education, and vocational training. The founders of 31 Bits hope to give these women the spirit and knowledge to eventually leave 31 Bits and start their own entrepreneurship. The girls have a head designer who works with the Ugandan women to create a uniform product that is hand crafted from recycled paper. Even though the women are all following the same designs, each piece you buy is slightly unique due to the use of the recycled paper and the story that is given about the woman who crafted that piece. 31 Bits is all about sharing stories, learning from each other, providing the opportunity to improve one's life and (bonus!) being fashionable while doing it. FYI - Spring 2011 collection is available February 24th!

If you want to support 31Bits but don't have the funds to buy up all these goodies, throw a House Party and help spread the word of 31 Bits. Grab your girls, get some champagne and delicious desserts, and give the opportunity for your friends to shop 31 Bits in the comfort of your home. Sounds like fun to me!

Paddington Necklace


      Bella       -       Daphne
Ollie Twist

 Daphne       -       Milo  

Gold Spray (my fave)

Ry a

The Shea Headband

Ry a

Ollie Twist

All Images from 31 Bits


  1. Glad I found your blog! I just died a similar post here...
    {although your post puts mine to shame =)}. Looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Welcome! Glad you found me and hope you enjoy!

  3. This sharing is really superb we should help each other and try to give the chance to those who have some skills but lack of resourses to come forward .