Feature Friday: Mexico Style

For this Feature Friday, rather than focusing on the design of a specific home, hotel, restaurant, etc,. I decided to explore the design and aesthetic of another country. There is so much to learn and inspiration to acquire from other cultures. Whether rich, poor, or somewhere in the middle, we all have a method of decorating, designing, creating art and getting the job done. It's always interesting to observe how people go about doing these things and what they see as being beautiful. The next few Feature Friday's to follow will be visiting a different country and exploring its overall style... so stay tuned!

Today, we are headed to Mexico, where sunny colors and gorgeous wood carvings depict the joy and spirit of the Mexican people.
I absolutely love all the elements in just this tiny corner. The architectural element of the shell (the white AND gold) above the door is divine. I am a sucker for painted tiles, so yes, I love the tile baseboard, the curves on those chair legs and that door - handle and all. Did I mention I am crazy about color? I love the colors in this small corner- so cheerful!

The niches in this space are to die for. A bed recessed in a niche not only anchors a room but it sets a tone of regality. Again, love the colors and the architectural elements about the artwork and door.

Color on every wall may be a bit much for most people but just look at the way your eye flows into that far room. You should always consider how spaces connect with one another and if you want your eye to curiously wander into the next room. Painting two colors like this adds depth and moves you throughout the space. Tip: If you don't want to draw attention to certain rooms in your house, don't paint them a bright color that can be seen from another room. However, if you do, then get wild and go bold!

Love the simplicity of this space; it is so peaceful and soothing. The painted wood door frames and bench have the wear and tear that tones down the formality of the space. Often we try to achieve this worn look on purpose (aka distressing) but I am pretty sure this one occurred naturally.

Heavy, carved woods are one of my favorites - that door is stunning against that all white wall. The bulkiness of the furniture is enough to anchor the space and create a fullness and warmth with little furniture.

Chandeliers and a gorgeous fireplace. Yes, please.

The overall look of Mexico style is simple and bare. It is the combination of all the colors, detailed carvings and architectural elements that create the complexity and warmth. 


All images from Mexico Style, Ed. Angelika Taschen & Photos Barbara and René Stoeltie