Handmade Global Goods at an Affordable Price

If you haven't had the chance to visit Table Tonic yet, DO! As a former Creative Director of several well known magazines, Australian, Louise Bell knows all about style and can bring/ship it to you at an affordable price.

The online store is full of handmade and vintage global goods. Purchasing a few items, like the handmade Morroccan Pouffes or the hand stitched Indian Kantha Quilt, will make you look like you're a jetsetter with an eye for fabulous decor.

In addition to her online boutique, Louise has a great blog that is definitely worth visiting often. Oh, and if you're wondering if she ships outside of Australia, the answer is YES. Shipping is available to USA, Canada, Asia, New Zealand and the UK.

Bamileke Feather Juju Hat

Hand Woven Ikat Cushions

Hand Stitched Indian Kantha Quilt

Bamileke Feather Juju Hat

Handmade Moroccan Pouffe (this one is my fave)

Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blanket

All images: Table Tonic


  1. The Handmade Moroccan Pouffe is awesome! I would totally buy that

  2. loved the hand made indian kantha qulit .
    From where i can getthose

  3. Most definitely, I bought a big yellow Bamileke hat from Table Tonic a couple of years ago, and it still looks spectacular, you can even see the photos of it on my blog soulful0605.blogspot.com.au. Totally recommend XXX