Nouveau Pop {Up}

I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Palm Springs for Modernism Week. I have many photos that I plan on sharing later this week but first, I wanted to share with you all this amazing artist. As I was leaving the Palm Springs Art Museum, I was lured into a Pop Up Trailer by the San Marino Gallery. Inside were three spectacular artworks by "Nouveau Pop" artist,  Georges Monfils. The artist recreated famous paintings (ie: Girl with Pearl Earring) using over 10,000 Prismacolor pencils. I have never seen anything quite like it - it was truly stunning (and I wish I thought of it). The way Monfils uses the pencils to create dramatic sweeping motions brings the art to life like nothing I've seen before. His work is currently on display at the San Marino Gallery and I highly recommend you go see it for yourself. Truly remarkable.

Above, Monfils uses the round ends of the pencils for the eyes.

All photos via Love.Inspire.Create