Spring Favorites

I went shopping this weekend and I am having trouble resisting the urge to buy everything I see. There are so many fun spring colors and soft worn-in materials at all my favorite stores - It's not helping my "save more money" New Year resolution. I have done pretty well so far (mind you, it's only February) but if I was on a shopping spree these would definitely be in my shopping bag.

J Crew Picks:

Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in White Denim    -   Cashmere Stripe V Neck Cardigan                 

Sequin Studio Tank       -      Suede Moped Pant

Kate Spade Picks:
    Candy Shop Jeanette Dress    -    Make A Day Of It Idiom Bangle

Istarsia Bow Cardigan       -        Kate Spade Umbrella
The Journal Newspaper Clutch

iPhone 4 Hard Cover         -         Striped Piper Skirt       
Crystal Corsage Ring       -       Karolina Heel           

        Wispy Cirrus Blouse      -        Saddle Sneakers (Keds)

Seamingly Maxi Skirt      -       Scribble Shorts        

            Glanz Dress       -       Sunny Soiree Dress