Life is but a {Day}Dream

It's going to be in the 80's today (yay, summer is coming!) and I will be sitting in an overly air conditioned office at work with my jacket on... Such is life, so I decided I would daydream of some fabulous looking lounge chairs in some gorgeous locations and pretend I am soaking in that pre-summer sun. Care to join me?


All (beautiful) images from Dedon


Glass on Fire

Dale Chihuly is hands down one of my most favorite artists so I thought I would share a few images of his that blow my mind (pun intended). Have a great day!


All images: Dale Chihuly


Battle of the Bath: Copper vs Stainless Steel


Say goodbye to your ceramic tub and hello to metal. Copper and stainless steel tubs are much more dreamy, way more retreat-like and a lot less ordinary than ceramic. The question is if you could only choose one, would it be copper or stainless steel? I am going with copper.









Feature Friday: A Look into Daphne Guinness' Hall of Mirrors

Daphne Guinness, daughter of the heir to Guinness Brewery, may be a categorized into many areas, but most of all, she is an artist. She artfully wears her clothes to the point where she is rumored to have inspired none other than Lady Gaga (true or false, not many can claim that).  Once you have taken a glimpse into her 5th Avenue apartment, it seems that Daphne's sense of style and passion for art comes naturally. 

The corridor of the home has all surfaces clad in mirror with the exception of a custom red rug on the floor. Daphne explains in the March 2011 issue of Architectural Digest that one afternoon she asked herself, "Do I want a corridor or do I want an experience every time I walk in the door?” The image above is proof that Daphne was looking for an experience alright! An infinite space is most certainly an out of the ordinary experience for most of us. Perhaps it is her relationship with French philosopher, Bernard-Henri Lévy that has made her crave such experiences? Nonetheless, this tiny but infinite contradiction of a corridor is quite a statement.

In the entry hall, guests are greeted by this BEAUTIFUL painting of butterflies by Damien Hirst. The painting is appropriately titled, Another Amazing Transcendental Experience - which carries the "experience" theme on from the corridor.

This room is one of my favorites (probably because it's something I would never design for myself). I love the soft whites contrasted by the rich pops of red...which are then toned down by lots of green, creating almost a relaxing botanical reading room.

The shine continues with a shiny floor, shiny tables and more mirrored walls. The eclectic mix of art unexpectedly hanging on the mirrored back wall is anchored nicely by the lush red sofa, designed by Guinness herself. Again, the use of botanicals and small butterfly prints help to make such a glamorous space feel a bit more informal (like you can kick your feet up on the sofa and not get scolded).
As for the library, vibrant "pop" colors accent the console, bring lots of cheer to the space. The library is almost a bit too cluttered for my taste and own sanity but maybe it's just the camera angle? What do you think... would you be happy reading in this library or would you feel the need to re-organize?

Chinese cabinet and Chinese lamps on the night stand anchored by a red rug provide strong Chinese influences the guest bedroom. The walls are covered in a Florence Broadhurst silver Mylar paper, which continues to unify the shiny and reflectiveness of Guinnesses home. Perhaps the experience Guinness wishes her home to give is one of self-reflection, as so much of the home is mirrored or reflective in some manner... or maybe she just likes things to shine!


Retro Fabrics: Lucienne Day


1950's British textile designer, Lucienne Day was famous for her abstract prints and use of color. While she is most famous for her prints during post-war England, she continued to create long after. Lucienne's textiles are available for purchase by the yard of as art panels. Check out TwentyTwentyOne for more details.

Dandelion Clocks




Sunrise (my favorite)


Lucienne Day tea towels are available at TwentyTwentyOne. These three prints (see below) are just adorable - Night and Day is my favorite!
Batterie de Cuisine Tea Towel
Night and Day Tea Towel
Provencal Tea Towel