Feature Friday: Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio Hideaway

Among the several houses I toured during Palm Springs Modernism Week was that of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. Unlike Frank Sinatra's very modern Twin Palms Estate, the Monroe-DiMaggio hideaway is rooted in a Spanish hacienda style. Most commonly known as the Sandacre Estate, this gorgeous property is surrounded by a towering hedge, creating a peaceful resort-like experience. This property was by far the most gorgeous on the tour - just as with Twin Palms, Sandacre can be rented for vacations, weddings and other events. Can you imagine a wedding here? To die for!

Behind the 15' wooden gates lies luxurious grounds that include a tennis court, pool, game room/pool house, large lawn, and of course, the beautiful Hacienda.

The Tennis Court and Lawn

Backside of the Pool House/Game Room

The Hacienda
Marilyn's Room Balcony

Upon entering the home, you are greeted by a piano and swirling staircase, leading strictly to Marilyn's room.
Marilyn's private room is located up the spiral staircase in an octagonal tower on the opposite side of the other bedrooms. The room is small and cozy with a bathroom and a balcony looking out to the property and distant mountains.

To the right of the entrance is the living room. The living room is on the smaller side but has a large fireplace. I asked one of the curators on the tour what that arched cut out in the wall was -she thought it was wood storage but wasn't positive. Pretty handy if it is but it might be better if it was a wine cellar! To the left of the entrance is the dining room. The dining room is in the octagonal tower, below Marilyn's room. The guest bedrooms are strangely situated in the home. The first bedroom you come to is quite lovely with a reading area, fireplace and large bed. However (this is where the strange comes in), the second bedroom is located through the first. Think of it like two hotel rooms that are connected by a door.  
This is the second guest bedroom, furthest from the main hall. In the right corner, there is a big arched wooden door that opens to the front entrance of the home. I had never seen this before but found out it's called a carriage suite.

In the master bedroom (Marilyn and Joe's room) the fireplace reads, "Live by the Sun -Love by the Moon." I don't know if that is original or not but it's kinda sweet.
The master bedroom has a reading area, 4 post bed and a small bath with a footed tub.
The family room is adjacent to the kitchen (sorry I didn't get photos) and is my favorite space in the whole house, besides the outside grounds. The rounded fireplace, the series of arched window/doors that let in beautiful sunlight, the wood beams and the caramel leather ottoman are gorgeous and create so much warmth; I could live in this room forever.
Above is one of the two exits to the backyard. On the other side of the door is a small gym area, laundry room and another guest room (probably more of a maid's quarter). This door takes you directly to the pool area. How amazing are those doors? I love them!

Just opposite of the pool is a decent size shelter that contains a pool table. This is a great little spot to cool down from the scorching sun and admire the beauty of the pool.

This spouting elephant is adorable!
This was the last house on our tour - it ended with a wine and cheese reception so please excuse the mingling guests in the photo above. The spa had the most beautiful 1" x 1" green tiles that had small gold flecks that sparkled and shimmered glamorously. The reflection makes them a bit hard to see but trust me, they were gorgeous! If you look at how tall the shrubs are you will get a feel for how secluded you are.
On the other side of the back of the house, is the built in fireplace and BBQ. I just love that fireplace! 

Looking at the house from the backyard - even the exterior of the hacienda has a cozy feel with all the green shrubs and palms that are hugging it so dearly - I would too if I were them!

All photos: Love.Inspire.Create