Mod on the Go Go: Vintage Airstream Trailers

As I mentioned early this week, I spent last weekend in Palm Springs for Modernism Week. Among the many happenings, one event that I attended and loved was the vintage airstream trailer show. I will admit, I never have been very interested in vintage (or modern) trailers but now I have a new appreciation and a beginning love for them. Many of the trailer owners have completely restored the original appliances and hardware and have only had to replace the existing upholstery with their own vintage fabric. These trailers acted as traveling time machines, taking you to the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's

Trailer 1: 1969 Airstream Tradewind

Trailer 2: 1954 Spartan Manor

Trailer 3: 1950 Airfloat Land Yacht
This 1950 Airfloat sat deserted for 50 years (you can see how bad it was in the picture above) and has now been restored into beautiful condition by its owners. However, they are selling this beauty for $65,000.00 but I don't think James is included. Loving the teal stripe!

 Trailer 4: 1960 Airstream Caravel - you can rent this one!

Trailer 6: 1960 Holiday House (my fave)

Trailer 7: 1948 LaCosse Vacationer

Trailer 8: 1948 Trail Wind

This Airstream is solar powered and wind powered - perfectly suited for Palm Springs weather!


  1. Thanks for posting the lovely pictures of our '69 Airstream, along with the other beautiful vintage trailers featured during the exhibit. It was an incredible experience - already looking forward to next year!

  2. Great blog! I designed the decal for Vintage Fusion's Modernism Week. www.amandakill.com Love doing retro illustrations for clients! Welcome to the wonderful world of vintage trailers, Christa!

  3. Thank Mona for sharing your Airstream with me and so many others! It was so fun seeing all of you collectors out there!

    Amanda, I loved the decal! So fun!!

  4. Mona et al, this is a great inspiration and I sincerely hope you don't mind if I draw small pieces from all of these when upgrading my trailer. I can tell that y'all put a lot of work and thought into your design!!

  5. Oh gosh! Adorable! We just bought a 1976 Airstream in great condition yesterday. I am looking for inspiration to "vintage-i-fy" it. YOu have provided some. Thanks!