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Aldeas Make Up Case

Earth Day is days away and even though we should all be cautious on how we impact our Earth year-round, those of us who don't can at least do it once a year. You might think that purchasing eco-friendly or sustainable products is too much work but it is getting easier and more convenient by the moment. Many mainstream retailers are carrying products and packaging that are less toxic to our planet and to us. For example, I just went online to one of my favorite stores, typed in a few key words ("eco-friendly," "sustainable," "organic," etc.) and a large selection and variety of goods from home decor to dental hygeine popped up. So no more excuses about it being too difficult to be environmentally aware because it can be easy... just be aware of retailers taking advantage of environmental terminology as some might not be so honest. Here are a few items that came up on my search at Anthropologie:

Des Artistes Lobster Tee

Sliced Tagua Bracelet

Truly Aesthetic Bath Affirmations

A Year Supply of Toothbrushes

Blithe and Bonny Candle, Soaps and Lotions

Sheswail Lacquer Nail Polish 

Splayer Sofa

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