Feature Friday: Hats and Headpieces for a {Royal} Wedding

For the past year, I have been dying to wear a wonderful hairpiece or beautiful hat to a wedding. I haven't had the courage to do so yet because I feel like it's just not in our current American culture to do so BUT! now that the Royal Wedding has occurred, I feel like over sized hats, floral hair bouquets and feathers galore are going to be encouraged AND I AM SO EXCITED (and even if it's not, I'll still do it)! What type of hat will you be wearing to future weddings? Something formal?/sophisticated?/fun and funky?/classic?/old fashioned?/modern?/or perhaps GaGa inspired?!

For a Traditional Spring or Summer Wedding:

All hats above by Philip Treacy via Samuel's Hats

For a fun-spirited wedding:

All headpieces via Ban.do

For a formal wedding at anytime of the year:

All hats and fascinators above via AJ's Hats

For a more casual summer wedding:

All hats above via Anthropologie


  1. I love love the bando ones- sooo pretty! I'm dying for a place/occasion to wear one of these.

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