Feature Friday: Malibu Lumber Yard

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day we are taking a look at an eco-minded center in Malibu, CA. The Malibu Lumber Yard, an upscale seaside shopping center has been open now for 2 years. The shopping center took the place of an actual lumber yard and while some locals complained that Malibu does not need yet another retail center but rather an actual hardware store, we should celebrate the fact that the center was designed with sustainable and green design elements (and let's be honest, a shopping center would have been built regardless so at least it's pretty and eco-conscious).

The Malibu Lumber Yard may host some fabulous high end stores but it also has created a place for socializing, enjoying the fresh salty air and even a little education on life under the sea. The center showcases three of the largest free standing aquariums in Los Angeles. Each aquarium is home to a different sea environment, providing an interesting place for kids and adults to observe the differences in sea life.

The shopping center has a ping pong table for the entertainment of the non-shoppers who happen to tag along with you. The design of the center courtyard is what you might find on a beach front home; the deck-like look is constructed of a beautiful and sustainable Brazilian hardwood. The furniture chosen to sit atop the sustainable wood is low, inviting and looks at home. The soft shades of the fabric on the outdoor furniture does not compete at all with it's surrounding and instead complements it verywell.

Even if you are not a shopper, the Malibu Lumber Yard is a great place to wander around, follow a few fish, or sit and talk with friends. One side to being eco-conscious is to make sure the space and materials are being utilized and the layout of the Lumber Yard is certainly inviting and encourages people to sit, shop, play and enjoy.

The materials used in the design of the buildings are a mix of a washed/bleached out rustic grey wood and a contrasting gorgeous caramel wood. These wood planks are used at both vertical and horizontal directions, creating a sense of peace and order. The building has a flat roof, emphasizing this sense of calm and tranquility which also fits right in with that old California beach lifestyle.

The landscape design of the Malibu Lumber Yard is quite lovely and uses low-water plants like succulents. Several of the larger plants, like the palms and an enormous aloe tree are 70 - 100 years old and were brought in and settled amongst the other exotic and local native plants.

All Images: LA Racked

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