Garden Tea Party

I love garden tea parties and this past Mother's Day was the perfect excuse to host one! I served a tea for my Mom and Sister (a new mom) in my parent's backyard and we had the best time sippin' tea, eating scones and enjoying the garden. I used a mix-match collection of china and I even brought out the silver flatware. The best thing about a tea party is that nothing really needs to match so the less match- matchy, the better! This is great because when a plate breaks or cup chips you don't have to worry about having an incomplete set - just put the good pieces in the tea party collection.

I love the idea of having a tea party for a bridal or baby shower - tea, scones, finger sandwiches, fruit, and dessert (maybe some mimosa's?). Tea's are just so feminine, fun and relaxing - the best part is that they are quite easy to do. The scones were easy to make... I cheated and purchased a mix from World Market but then made a sugar glaze to drizzle on top. The tea was my most favorite tea in the world - Cream of Earl Grey from The Tea House on Los Rios. I added some blackberries, tangerine slices and a few sprigs of mint to our water to fancy it up a bit. I made a yummy fruit salad and had some sweet cream and jam out for our scones - we skipped out on the sandwiches because we were having a big dinner. It was such a perfect afternoon! I want to have a tea every weekend!

Here is my wonderful Mama (right) and I (left) - seriously, she's the best (excuse the sippy cup and applesauce on the left... my nephew crashed our party)!

Our tea party was perfect as it was but if I were to add a few items for improvement, I might pick these up:

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