DIY: Recycled Doily Project

If you're anywhere near my age, you probably grew up with a grandmother (or mother circa 1990) who had to have doilies on every surface in the house. Thank goodness that trend/phase is over! Some of you (myself included) may even be able to still find a few doilies stuck away in closets or still over at grandma's house and believe me, you should snag them while you can! I found this great DIY recycled doily project over at Haute Nature. This project is a great way to put new life into stained and dated doilies.

Here are the directions according to Haute Nature:

"First you mix the stiffener with the fabric paint and place in paste, wadding it up to wring out any extra stiffener. You then use a plastic bowl, or a porcelain bowl covered with aluminum foil to drape the coated doily over to mold it into place. Let dry 24 hours." 

How fun would it be to create a variety of sizes and colors like the ones pictured above and then pin a cluster of them to the wall to create a focal point?

"Shannon South ReMade USA also came up with a creative way to re-purpose the doilies as well in creating this lovely pendant light. Each doily is sewn around a spherical mold and hardened with wallpaper paste."

The pendant light above is my favorite - the shadows are gorgeous! I would love to use these for an outdoor wedding - light or no light - A big cluster of them hanging from a tree or above a dance floor or... how would you use them?

Source: Haute Nature and reMadeUSA


My Heart Beats for...

I love the product description:
Larry David, now in felt. Use him to make sarcastic observations to your friends, over-react about social brush-offs and just be a wet blanket in general. Larry comes wearing that black and white shirt he admired so much on the dead guy. Hand-sewn finger puppet made from 100% recycled felt.



June gloom is finally burning off here in Southern California so I feel that it is officially summer now - which means that it's time to prepare the summer wardrobe! There is nothing I love more than a great summer tan contrasted by a crisp white top or dress. White summer tops and dresses are my favorite - you can go simple or embrace the intricate details of a crochet, lace or eyelet top. You don't have to worry about a top having too much detail when it's solid white or ivory so accessorize it with a real statement piece. I think if you have a beautiful top or dress on you should avoid wearing a necklace because you don't want competition between the necklace and the top or dress. Stick to metal cuffs, big rings and chandelier earrings. Touches of colored stone accessories paired with white is always stunning - try turquoise, coral or agate.


DIY: Succulent Centerpiece

A few weeks ago my Mom and I saw this succulent centerpiece how-to in Sunset Magazine and decided we would try it out. It ended up being very quick, super easy, inexpensive and it's beautiful! What more can a do it yourselfer want? 

Here is what you need:

* 9" Pie Dish - We found ours at Sur La Table but any shallow dish will do
* Floralife Sure-Stik or other adhesive (optional)
* Glass Hurricane & Candle
* Variety of Small Succulents - We found ours at Ikea!
* Planting Soil & Seaweed Extract

Start by adhering a strip of the Sure-Stik tape to the bottom of the hurricane. Again, this step is optional but it will help keep the hurricane in place if it is left outside.
Secure the hurricane in the center of the pie dish by pressing firmly down so the tape has a chance to stick.
Scoop the planting soil into the pie dish and scatter around the hurricane.

Plant the succulents all around the hurricane - smaller succulents work best. You can stick to one variety but I like the look of different shapes, sizes and textures. If you haven't worked with succulents before, you might think that they aren't deep enough in the soil but they acutally have an amazing way of growing without much at all. You want to make sure that the dish is full but leave a little bit of room so that they can grow a bit. Also, succulents don't need much water and are super hardy so they are kind of a fool-proof plant for those with a black thumb. Once the succulents get to big, you can trim them and then stick the trimmings back in the soil for more growth. Pretty awesome, right?

Mix the Seaweed Extract with water (per directions). Seaweed Extract is great for succulents and will help them grow faster. Water the plants lightly - try not to get the hurricane wet or else you'll need to wipe it down with some Windex. You can make one of these for the center of the table or a few for around the yard (on outdoor furniture like coffee tables, side tables, etc.).  This project was super quick and easy to do - I'd say it took maybe 15 minutes and it was pretty inexpensive. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding or a big event, consider making these as your centerpieces - they have a clean, modern feel, are eco-friendly  and create a lovely mood when the candle is lit.

Images: Love.Inspire.Create



Marie Dannetelle of Sweets Indeed just sent me the most delightful box of goodies and I just have to share! Marie and I met on a wedding shoot for Ruffled and as a thank you she sent me some goodies. I thought the packaging was adorable and of course it was delicious too! Sweets Indeed is the perfect vendor to create a candy or dessert station at your wedding or party. Not only will the guests be in awe of the creative presentation but they will be delighted with the treats themselves. In addition to candy and dessert stations, Sweets Indeed makes awesome candy skewers and they will soon be offering cotton candy.

Marie was sweet enough to send me a sampling of a few different items which included the Sweet Skewers, Kettle Corn, Chocolate Bark, a Custom Favor Box with Taffy and a Bag of Gummy Worms - Serious goodies! I love the personal touches from Sweets Indeed -just look at the "Eat Me" tags on the sweet skewers, the pin wheel on the chocolate bark and the details on the mason jar -when it arrived I didn't know whether to sit back and admire the treats or dig in (I ended up doing both).

Images: Love.Inspire.Create


The Very Heart of It: Artichoke Recipe

Artichokes remind me of long summer days at the beach followed by delicious BBQs in the warm evenings. If that doesn't come to your mind, it's probably because you have never tried this delicious artichoke recipe. Artichokes are not only tasty but very beautiful. I was getting some serious inspiration while making this recipe last weekend - once the artichoke is cut in half it is gorgeous. The purple and green combination of color would be great for interiors or wedding colors. The texture of an artichoke is also fabulous - I wanted to turn it into a stamp and paint my walls! Anyways, I am getting sidetracked - This recipe is easy and scrumptious - perfect for an appetizer or a side dish - this Father's Day weekend is a great time to try it out on your family!

Cut artichoke in half. Clean out the purple and hairy part.
You can score this part with a knife first and then scoop it out with a spoon.

After cleaning out the middle of the artichokes, they should look like this.

Steam artichokes for about 25 minutes.

You will know they are ready when they are tender and turn this dull-ish green color.

Melt one stick of butter and 2 tbsp of garlic over stove (can use more or less garlic depending on taste)
It's kind of a gross picture so just don't think about it too much!

Place steamed artichokes in a 9 x13 dish

Drizzle melted garlic butter over artichokes and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Bake for 10 minutes at 375 or until cheese melts.

ENJOY!  Be sure to eat the heart of the artichoke - it's the best part!

Source: Love.Inspire.Create