DIY: Recycled Doily Project

If you're anywhere near my age, you probably grew up with a grandmother (or mother circa 1990) who had to have doilies on every surface in the house. Thank goodness that trend/phase is over! Some of you (myself included) may even be able to still find a few doilies stuck away in closets or still over at grandma's house and believe me, you should snag them while you can! I found this great DIY recycled doily project over at Haute Nature. This project is a great way to put new life into stained and dated doilies.

Here are the directions according to Haute Nature:

"First you mix the stiffener with the fabric paint and place in paste, wadding it up to wring out any extra stiffener. You then use a plastic bowl, or a porcelain bowl covered with aluminum foil to drape the coated doily over to mold it into place. Let dry 24 hours." 

How fun would it be to create a variety of sizes and colors like the ones pictured above and then pin a cluster of them to the wall to create a focal point?

"Shannon South ReMade USA also came up with a creative way to re-purpose the doilies as well in creating this lovely pendant light. Each doily is sewn around a spherical mold and hardened with wallpaper paste."

The pendant light above is my favorite - the shadows are gorgeous! I would love to use these for an outdoor wedding - light or no light - A big cluster of them hanging from a tree or above a dance floor or... how would you use them?

Source: Haute Nature and reMadeUSA


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