Feature Friday: El Palauet Living Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Designed in a "Contemporary Modernista" style, the El Palauet Living hotel in Barcelona Spain is a little bit of heaven for those who love design. The hotel is an eclectic mix of several different period styles with a modern and contemporary twist. Many of the original details still remain to the 1906 built building and have been beautifully restored. The hotel has 45 different and intricate decorative ceilings and gorgeous stained glass windows - all of which have been incorporated into the overall design. I give major love to the designer who decided to use the stunning original features rather than destroying and tearing them down (I hate when that happens!).

The consistent and cohesive element to the design of the hotel is the color white. All the rooms are stunningly designed with iconic mid-centrury modern furniture by Van der Rohe, Saarinen, Jacobsen and the Eames (some of my faves) to name a few. The juxtaposition of Corintihian columns, ornately decorated ceilings/door frames and modern furniture is miraculosly and ever-so-wonderfully pulled off with a coat of white paint and upholstery. Not only are the rooms phenomenal but the service is outstanding. Guests have access to a personal assistant during their stay - Want to have a chef cook a meal in your room's kitchen? Done! Need a babysitter? Done! Want to have your assistant pick up your dry cleaning? Done! Want a new outfit? Your assistant will go shopping for you - I honestly don't get why you would rather have someone shop for you but hey, it's an option if you want it!

Although the building may be over a 100 years old, the technology and amenities are top of the line. In three of the double suites, you will find extra large bathrooms with a chromatherapy system! Not only will your bathing experience be unlike any other but all suites are equipped with Domotics, a touchscreen control system. With Domotics, you can operate the climatization system, adjust the lights to create different ambiances, browse through El Palauet's own music library or listen to your own music through the iPod dock. Domotics will also allow you to operate the projector and a high definition screen with home cinema, LCDTV monitors, DVD player, audiovisuals and video games.

The spa of the El Palauet is located on the rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the sauna, waterbeds, massages, a solarium, the "chill area," and the landscaped terrace. Since the hotel is in Barcelona, I am pleased to see that the terrace channels some of the mosaic tile work of the brilliant Gaudi. The El Palauet Living hotel is certainly a dream (if not yours, it's mine) and I am definitely putting it on my list of places to stay... I am not sure how much it costs per night though so it may be just a walk through. Oh, and I forgot to mention that dogs are welcome and I quote from their website, "We welcome small and well-educated dogs." Do you think they ask for doggie Degrees at check in?

Images: Design Hotels/El Observador

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