Feature Friday: Nhow Berlin Hotel, Germany

The lounge is filled with custom designed furniture and features from designer, Karim Rashid. An above the bar, 360 degree profile of Rashid creates the outline for the fiberglass sculpture while bubblegum pink seating make this lounge something to sing about.

The Nhow Berlin Hotel in Germany is an experimental design masterpiece and serious eye candy for music and contemporary art lovers and admirers everywhere. Designed by Interior Design Hall of Fame member, Karim Rashid, the Nhow Hotel provides not just a place to sleep but a true artful experience. Popping splashes of bubble gum pink and psychedelic inspired patterns that greet you upon arrival are just the beginning of the artful experience at the Nhow. Guests have the opportunity to record music in one of the two recording studios in the hotel and have full access to a grand piano, a drum set and a Gibson guitar. Rashid's design includes several custom blob-like fiberglass pieces which are coated with automotive paint in bubble gum pink. Some of these groovy pieces can be found at reception and at the buffet station in the hotel restaurant. Interesting lines and energy were created with custom digital prints on the hotel's floor and curtains. My favorite design feature in the hotel is the circular bar in the hotel lounge - instead of putting in an ordinary soffit above the bar, Rashid took his profile and rotated it 360 degrees to create a gold fiberglass sculpture (pictured above). You can totally see his profile if you focus in on one side (easier to see it on the left side) - that is what I call interesting and inspiring design! When Rashid isn't designing, he is a DJ so it's not too surprising that he created a playlist for lounge. An Interior Design Hall of Fame Designer and a DJ - boy would I love to pick Rashid's brain!
Rashid had custom reception desks built from fiberglass and painted them in his signature bubble gum pink with automotive paint. This structure is not only a functional art sculpture but it draws the guest's attention to the welcome center.

Opposite of the reception desk sculpture, custom vinyl film, applied to glass panels continues the fluid blob motif seen throughout the hotel.

Guests get a glimpse of the bubbly fun awaiting them inside with the bubble gum pink "N" outside the hotel doors. 
I love the way Rashid was able to take a straight-line brick building and create such a dynamic design with fluid lines and pops of color... you would never guess what was inside from the outside.
The guest suites are all slightly unique due to the custom digitally printed floors and curtains that Rashid designed. 

I absolutely love this gradient glass shower which can be found in the standard guest rooms. Rashid's colors and wavy lines remind me so much of music vibrations and sound waves. Seriously, beautiful!

Part of the reception sculpture, this fiberglass archway leads to conference rooms, making an ordinary rectangular entryway an inviting and exciting experience.

The restaurant contains custom designed stools and chairs by Rashid which surround corian tabletops and counters. The buffet station is another custom fiberglass structure designed by Rashid to carry out his fluid blob design.

Source: Interior Design Magazine & Nhow Berlin Hotel

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